Energy Management Systems – Residential

The EnergyMizer® Residential Energy Reduction System with Enhanced EMF Filter Technology is now available for residential customers, engineered to save up to 20% on your home, townhome, apartment or condo bill. In addition, the EnergyMizer® will drastically reduce the presence of harmful EMFs in your home, as well as provide in-line surge protection!

Since 2007, the EnergyMizer® has been installed in a variety of business clients resulting in hundreds of satisfied users. After many months of anticipation, EMS is proud to announce launch the EnergyMizer® residential system with Momentis.

How Does it Work?

The EnergyMizer® uses a state of the art technology to actively monitor and improve the power usage in your home. The energy reduction system corrects spikes in the electricity you pay for and creates a uniform leveled power draw, thereby avoiding the constant surges that occur when your equipment is powered on. In simple words, electricity is stored, flattened and released as needed.